If I purchased a Groupon, am I still required to pay a deposit?

  • Yes, a deposit is required for all bookings. GROUPON CLIENTS ONLY: The initial $15 deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE at the end of the session, or the client has the option to apply the $15 deposit towards gratuity (tip).

    • PLEASE BE ADVISED if you cancel or reschedule less than 24hr allowed the $15 DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. If you are wanting to reschedule you will be required to pay additional deposit.

    • All Groupon vouchers refunds are processed through GROUPON'S CUSTOMER SERVICE.

If I purchased a $30 off Groupon for 90min for $11, why do I still owe money?

  • The Groupon Voucher you purchase was a deal to received $30 off the regular price ($105) 90min standard massage. Therefore, you will be required to pay $25 deposit and remaining balance of $50 before the begining of the session.

Do you offer couples massages?

  • No, Right Touch Massage does not offer couples massages at this time.

Is the Licensed Massage Therapist a male or female?

  • The LMT is a female with 7+ years of experience.

Do you offer walk-in appointments?

  • No, Right Touch Massage is appointment only. The online schedule is updated daily.

How many LMTs are currently staffed?

  • There's only one fully staffed LMT.

Can I use a Groupon voucher if I'm not a new client and someone brought it as a gift for me?

  • Unfortunately, no, you have came in on a Groupon already. You are not considered a new client anymore, and Right Touch will not accept the Groupon voucher. 

Can two people book an appointment for the same time slot?

  • No, there's only one full time LMT staffed at this time.